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The demand for affordable and relevant professional education is on the rise, as jobs become more and more specialised.

Founded in August of 2014 and headquartered in New Delhi, India, Coursebirdie teaches you all the latest business, design, and tech skills you need to stay productive and relevant throughout your career.

Our focus skews towards 21st-century skills such as user experience design, web and mobile app development, digital marketing, product design, machine learning, data science, and product management.

What sets us apart is our unique teaching method and education that comes in many forms, including long form online courses, short classes, on-site workshops, and projects. We work directly with some of the world’s best instructors, and instructional designers to design and deliver the best learning content.

Added, each program is tailored around a real-world project so that you learn by doing. Our partners further help you with skill assessment, portfolio evaluation, and career services.

We’ve come a long way in a short time—and there’s much so more to do.


We began as two friends who was frustrated and uninspired with the professional education that was available to us. We saw an opportunity to collaborate with expert practitioners and deliver education that is market relevant, engaging and affordable.

Our goal was to empower people with future-proof skills and strengthen those already have for a better and meaningful career. Today, we’re a much larger team but our goal hasn’t changed.

Coursebirdie founders
Abhilasha Chauhan and Abhishek Singh, Co-founders of Coursebirdie

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We work directly with some of the world’s best instructors, speakers and instructional designers to create the best learning content.

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