Design Articles


The future of Design (and how to prepare for it)
Kiana St. Louis and Matt McCue (99u, 2016)

How to fix Design
Kiana St. Louis, Matt McCue, and Sean Blanda (99u, 2016)

What Is Zero UI? (And Why Is It Crucial To The Future Of Design?)
Andy Goodman (FastCompany, 2015)

When it comes to UX Design, simplicity is overrated
Robert Hoekman (Wired, 2015)

Why White Space ic crucial to UX Design
Jerry Cao, Kamil Zieba and Matt Ellis (FastCompany, 2015)

UX is UI
Mike Atherton (Medium, 2015)

What separates Great Design from Good Design
Christian Miller (XtianMiller, 2015)

The Boring Designer
Cap Watkins (CapWatkins, 2014)

What fuels great design (and why most startups don’t do it)
Braden Kowitz (Google Ventures, 2014)

Why good storytelling helps you design great products
Braden Kowitz (Google Ventures, 2013)

Have the Heart of an Artist and the Soul of a Salesman
George Lois (99U, 2016)

The Future of Typography is Human
Gemma O’Brien (99U, 2017)

The minimalism myth – why simplified graphic design isn’t “easy”
Stuart Tolley (It’s Nice That, 2016)