Growth Hacking



The big new trend in the tech world and now in all industries is “growth-hacking,” which basically means the ability to quickly scale a product in creative ways outside of traditional marketing tactics.

Growth hacking is about using the resources you have available and finding creative but effective methods to get more customers for your business.

This class teaches you a non traditional approach of getting your product in front of a large audience without breaking your banks. Companies like AirBnB, Dropbox and Facebook are famous for it, as they used specific hacks to grow their companies to a massive size.

This class is right for just about any level – from beginner to experienced, from university grads to aspiring entrepreneur to established entrepreneur to professionals and freelancer.


  • Introduction
  • What is Growth Hacking
  • Important Terms
  • Concept of AARRR
  • Process of Growth Hacking
  • Notable Growth Hacks
  • Best Tips & Secrets to grow your user base
  • Top Growth Hacking Tools
  • Project


While no background is required for this class, it’s a class where a basic knowledge of marketing concepts may be helpful.