We are now accepting payment for online classes, workshops, online courses and projects through Paytm wallet. This new payment option makes Coursebirdie available to 600 million Indians.


  1. Open Paytm mobile or web app. Click on “PAY” and select either “Paytm/Scan Code” or “Mobile No.”. If you select, Paytm Code, use the QR code displayed below. If you select Mobile No, put in “8383017248”.
  2. Email us at to check the fee of the class, course or workshop that you wish to take. Enter the amount (in Rupees) after confirmation from Coursebirdie Support team.
  3. In the box titled “What’s this for?”, enter your email and program name you wish to take. For example, / Photoshop Basics
  4. Sign up or Log in using the same email and wait for 15 minutes.

Paytm Code / QR Code