Roberto Bertinetti

Digital Marketing
Roberto Bertinetti, Global Digital Marketing Officer at Lamudi

Aakash Goel

Startup Fundraising
Aakash Goel, Vice President at Bessemer Venture Partners

Christoph Sollich

Pitching your Startup
Christoph Sollich aka The Pitch Doctor helps startups pitch better

Doreen Huber

Starting A Startup
Doreen Huber, Founder and CEO of Lemoncat // Former COO of Delivery Hero

Prarthana Johnson

UX Design
Prarthana Johnson, Head of Design at SoundCloud

Simon Chan 6Wunderkinder

Community Building
Simon Chan, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Microsoft

Kalie Moore

Startup Growth
Kalie Moore, Head of Communications at BITKRAFT Esport Ventures

Sane Lebrun

Digital Marketing
Sane Lebrun, Head of Digital Marketing at EyeEm

Alexander Koelpin

Early Stage Startup Fundraising
Alexander Kolpin, Co-founder and COO at WestTech Ventures

Mathias Ockenfels

Startup Fundraising
Mathias Ockenfels, Principal at Point Nine Capital

Nick Franklin

Starting A Startup
Nick Franklin, Founder and CEO of ChartMogul

Julian Riedlbauer

Starting A Startup
Julian Riedlbauer, Head of German Office and Partner at GP Bullhound

Lalit Mangal

Starting A Startup
Lalit Mangal, Co-founder and CTO of

Parag Dhol

Startup Fundraising
Parag Dhol, Director at Inventus Capital Partners

Sachin Bhatia TrulyMadly

Starting A Startup
Sachin Bhatia, Co-founder and CEO of TrulyMadly // Founder of MakeMyTrip

Paul H Muller

Starting A Startup
Paul H. Müller, Co-founder and CTO at

Ritesh Banglani

Startup Fundraising
Ritesh Banglani, Partner at Stellaris Venture Partners

Sonny Lee Miller

Startup Hiring
Sonny Lee Miller, Global Recruitment Manager at Foodora

Dr. Ralf Belusa

Public Speaking
Ralf Belusa, TEDx Speaker and CTO at Ziegert Bank

Dennis Jlussi

Startup Formation
Dennis Jlussi, General Counsel at Research Gate

Julian Mallmann

Startup Hiring
Julian Mallmann, Head of Human Resources at Building10

Orli Degani

The Business of Blogging
Orli Degani, Blogger & Founder of A Few More Steps

Daniel Thomas

Data Science
Daniel Thomas, Lead Data Scientist at Clue by Biowink

Konrad Langer

Mobile Photography
Konrad Langer, Berlin-based Expert Mobile Photographer



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