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A chat with Daniel Thomas, Lead Data Scientist at Clue

So you want to become a data scientist? And why wouldn’t you? Glassdoor named Data Scientist as the “best job in America” for 2016. So we decided to talk to a real-life data scientist, Daniel Thomas to find out what the job’s all about and how to become one. Daniel is Senior Data Scientist at Clue, a Berlin-based startup that offers a cycle-tracking app that empowers women to better understand their fertility.


Daniel Thomas Data ScienceDaniel Thomas is Lead Data Scientist at Clue, where he work on predicting menstrual cycles and usage data analysis. Clue is a female health app developed by the Berlin-based technology company BioWink GmbH. The app has over 2.5 million users from 180 different countries. Daniel holds a Diploma in Mathematics from The University of Hamburg.