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A Chat with Kalie Moore, Head of Communications at BITKRAFT Esports Ventures // Writer at BerlinStartupGirl

Growth. It’s a hot topic across all industries today for a good reason: if your startup doesn’t grow, there’s no chance it will survive. We sat down with Kalie Moore, a San Franciscan living in Berlin who has years of experience crafting and executing data-driven marketing and international PR campaigns for startups. In this short yet informative chat, she shares actionable advice to grow your startup.


Kalie MooreKalie Moore is Head of Communications at BITKRAFT Esports Ventures and writes about different startup ecosystems at BerlinStartupGirl.

Berlin Startup Girl has been featured in various international media outlets including Forbes, The Sunday Times and France24 television. Previously, she was Director of B2B Marketing at Hem and Director of Global Communications at Carmudi, a Rocket Internet Venture.