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A Chat with Parag Dhol, Director at Inventus Capital Partners

Are you a startup founder or CEO of an early stage company who is looking to fundraise and want to learn how startup fundraising works? In this talk, Parag Dhol, Managing Partner at Inventus Capital Advisors gives many valuable insights from his 20 years of experience in venture capital. By the end of this talk, you will have a basic understanding of different funding rounds, key metrics and pre-requisites for raising funds, and more.


Parag Dhol

Parag Dhol is Managing Partner at Inventus Capital Advisors in Bengaluru, India and has been a venture investor for more than 20 years, backing nearly 30 companies resulting in 14 exits including three IPOs. Before joining the Inventus team in the spring of 2008, Parag had been an Associate Director at Intel Capital’s India Venture team in Bangalore. Parag is a Charter Member of TiE Bangalore and has an MBA from IIM Bangalore and a BSME from IIT Delhi.