Brand Identity and Logo Design

Brand Identity and Logo Design


This workshop on Logo Design and Brand Identity is for beginners starting out to launch a new brand or idea, or those starting-up new businesses and designers from all levels and areas. You will learn the ins and outs of logo design and brand identity, including color theory, type selection, and icon/image design. You end this workshop with a finished branding package.


  • Understand basic design principles (alignment, color, typography, hierarchy)
  • Apply those principles to your own projects
  • Create typographic and iconic logos
  • Understanding of brand identity


Please bring a notebook & pen/pencils and a laptop with Illustrator CS5 or above installed. The full version of Adobe Illustrator CS5/6 or the free 30-day trial version of it can be found at


Andres-SandovalAndrés Sandoval is a Colombia-born experienced visual designer and instructor based in Bordeaux, France. He has been designing and teaching for nearly 10 years. Andrés has worked on several digital products including websites, mobile and tablet applications. Andres graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic design from the National University of Colombia and Master’s degree in Digital Content and Multimedia Project Management from the Montaigne’s University of Bordeaux.


Date — June 18, 2016
Time — 10:00am to 2:00pm CET
Location — To be announced
Ticket — €69


Questions about the workshop? Email at